The SKETCH, second step for your manga page

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In our previous tutorial we talked about “the Name,” the first step for drawing your manga page.
If you are interested about how to prepare your name, please refer to our previous tutorial by clicking the link below.

The “NAME”, the first step for your manga page.

Today we will talk about sketching, don’t forget to like and share!!

A rough representation of a drawing, or a whole manga page, it is guided by the name and followed by the inking (this will be also treated in a next tutorial). It is in fact the most exciting part while drawing manga, and can take few minutes to hours to do the sketching.

1) Pencil
2) Eraser

Important point:

a) Start the sketch by paying attention to your manga characters, it is crucial as you will try to paint life and emotion through them.

b) Start putting details of your background or draw it completely.

c) As you can see a sketch requires drawing skill about human anatomy ( ), facial expression, background like building and nature. (Please refer to our tutorial about how to draw trees as an important background element)

How to color maga page (part 2). Useful tips for trees’drawing.

Please find some rough sketch of my previous work.
Coming soon!!

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