The “NAME”, the first step for your manga page.

If you want to create a manga page after organizing your ideas, story board and fixed your page limit for the whole story, your Next challenge will be: “the name”. Junialamen team is there to bring you valuable information for your future projects.

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It is defined as the draft story board. It is not the rough sketch (this will also be treated in our next tutorial). It is the main part of your work as it is the base to build your page. It can take few minutes to days to draw a good name.

1) Pencil
2) Eraser

Important point:
A) The name help you organize your work space, help you decide about your characters, speech balloons, sound effects, position.

B) It helps you take in consideration the frame and the trimmed area of the paper while getting your work ready for printing.

C) All names for each pages are not the same so let your imagination guide you for picking up a good one.

D) As you can already see preparing a good name require skills from paneling to scenery creativity.

Please find also some name of my previous work.

Name of the treasure of Sendai
Name of the flowers power
Name of Haitian zombie game

As you can see the name allow you to visualize what your page will already look like.

Good luck for your next project and I hope that this tutorial helped you.

1) Challenge jump#3
2) It all begin by a name: Japanese Manga 101#024