Realistic Spiderman Drawing

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Hello, Junialamen team

Hope you guys have been doing great and are going steady with improving your drawing skills. Welcome to another tutorial.

Today we will draw one of my favorite Marvel superhero, the one and only SPIDERMAN.

I want to take the time to thank all of you, who have been supporting the Junialamen web page and products.

Now let’s get started.

Step 1

In this picture that we intend to draw, Spiderman is not really parallel to the floor but angulated in space within a 2 points perspectives frame. So we will start by tracing two lines representing the horizon line in our first layer.

Perspective and view point

Step 2

In our second layer, let’s draw a rough shape of how we want our Spiderman to be. This part doesn’t have to be perfect, as it is giving you a vague idea about the position in space of our drawing’s anatomy.

2nd step of Spiderman drawing rough sketch

Step 3

Now we start being more precise by drawing the shape of the head, bodies’ joints and all that jazz. This phase is important because it gives you the possibility to visualize a 3D creation, do it in another separate layer.

3rd step of Spiderman drawing

Step 4

We will continue by positioning the nose and eyes. We now can draw the outline in a new layer, after which we can easily turn the layers 1, 2 and, 3 off as we don’t need them anymore.

4th step of Spiderman drawing outline

Step 5

Let’s us attack the most enjoyable part, the costume drawing. We create a draft layer to sketch the lines or sewing of the costume. The placing of these lines is important as they can give your drawing the 3D appeal that you are looking for, or a flat appearance if they are well-shaped.

5th step of Spiderman drawing costume

Step 6

For this part I created a brush to help me with the painting of the costume (if this tuto reach 1000 views, I will make a special one about brush creation)

6th step of Spiderman drawing costume
7th step of Spiderman drawing costume

Step 7

Now in a new layer we will start adding colors, we add the color  by paying attention to light reflection.

8th step of Spiderman drawing base color

Step 8

We add darker touch for shadow.

9th step of Spiderman drawing  shadow

Step 9

And here you have it.


I really hope you guys enjoyed the tuto, don’t forget to share and subscribe on our YouTube channel and Instagram page for more. Our video tutorials are also available here.

Thank you!

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