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New Manga: Our Blood Oath by Kazu Kakazu ( First Impressions )

Our Blood Oath” debuted today on Shonen Jump with an impressive 55 page chapter. This new arrival is worth checking out as it offers an interesting story paired with exquisite artwork.

The story puts 2 brothers under the spotlight. They are vampire hunters, with an bond that goes deeper than blood. The author does a great job at showing us how much they care for each other, their interactions are bound to arrouse that feeling of attachment manga readers get when introduced to charismatic characters.

The story is set in the modern era, based on the clothing styles and architecture. A couple of happenings seem like deja vu or not original enough, such as the way the monster vampires are introduced is reminiscent of the hollows first appearance in Tite Kubo’s “Bleach“. The brothers saving a character from certain doom and then dubbed :” the strange vampire brothers that side with humans”, also give a vibe of Blade the day walker. We can tell it’s going to be a matter of the good guys versus the bad guys.

Once you get past these seemingly overused ideas, you can enjoy a rich story where close relationships are emphasized. I personally felt pressed in my heart to appreciate the important people in my life more, especially after seeing the struggle experienced by some of the characters when they deal with the pain of losing loved ones, either physically or from their absence emotionally. Kazu Kakazu shows a lot of aptitude in giving life and personality to his characters. The vampire brothers interactions and personalities breathe life and normalcy in the otherwise dark tone of the plot.

The art is just amazing. Kakazu’s pen is very precise and sharp. The panels flow naturally and effortlessly. It feels as if the art itself would be sufficient in telling the story without the need for words. My criticism lies in the fact that the fighting scenes could show the sequence of attacks better. I also must point out that the manga overuses previously introduced themes from other stories, making it lack in originality

Overall this first chapter of Kazu Kakazu’s new work is very intriguing. So much development was experienced in it, some more unexpected than others. I will definitely be following it closely to see if it can keep it’s readers wanting for more