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Moriarty the Patriot – New Series Recommendation

If like me, you are a fan of mystery, you probably remember detective Conan. I grew up watching it, and was always filled with awe as I tried to unravel the mysteries intertwined in the different crime scenarios, unsuccessfully trying to secure the solution to the problems before the protagonist.

Detective Conan reminds me of Sherlock Holmes, the controversial detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The latter’s works have been adapted in different movies, plays and more over the years. And just when we thought the theme had become overused, we were presented with more spin offs, like Enola Holmes and more recently Moriarty the patriot.

Though originally published in Japanese in 2016, Shonen Jump decided to bring us the English serialization of Moriarty The Patriot. Released earlier this month, the manga relates the untold story of Sherlock Holmes nemesis Williams James Moriarty. With storyboards from Ryosuke Takeuchi, this manga stands out with the impressive research and dedication put in recreating the english society of the times relevant to the story. The art was created by Hikaru Miyoshi and is impeccable to say the least. I have no complaints on that angle. The fact that the manga is following the backstory of one of Sherlock Holmes most enigmatic characters is also very intriguing and refreshing.

From Sir Doyle we have known Moriarty only as a villain. Ryosuke Takeuchi takes it into his hands to dig deep into the character’s motives and tells us more about his humanity and where his motives come from, depicting him as a sort of Robin Hood who wants to brings balance to a society where the rich gets their way and the poor can only suffer in victimhood. The different ways he finds to solve the mysteries testify of the intelligence of the writer. So far the artists have been great at creating a story that keeps the reader wanting for more, and as long as they continue to find ways to keep it captivating, it will continue to appeal to the audience.

I am not going to spoil the story by giving you a synopsis, it is definitely worth finding out for yourself. It speaks for itself without a need for much press. After having experienced it for myself, I understand why the manga has been adapted to anime and has a growing fanbase.