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New Manga: High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku ( Review and first impressions )

“High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku” debuted yesterday on SHONEN JUMP with 2 chapters, both available for free. Mangaka Ryou Nakama is the mind behind this new addition.

The 2 first chapters introduce us to Kotaro, a teenager excited to finally be able to start and experience High School; and his family members, specifically his dad, mom, and little sister who also will start High School on the same day. Kotaro is the last one to find out about his family going with him. His dad and mom dropped out after middle school and it has been their dream to go back and complete the cycle. His little sister is a genius 8 year old and benefited from advanced placement. They even decided to bring their cat Gomez along. Needless to say, Kotaro is not pleased with the idea as he can clearly see how going to school with his family will interfere with him having the kind of experience he anticipated. 

The art style of Ryou Nakama Sensei is fun and easy to follow. The lines are fine, the expressions on the characters faces are amicable. Ryou’s characters so far don’t give the reader a sense of wonder and awe. And maybe it’s for the best, it allows us to recognize ourselves in them as they are more relatable. Kotaro reminds us of the excitement felt when going to a new school and making new friends. His timid nature is emphasized by the meek look on his face. We can also relate to the embarrassment he feels about his family, he is at that age where he does not want to live covered by their shadow and wants to experience life on his own.

The overall atmosphere of the work is funny. I believe we can expect more gag moments and funny antics as the story progresses. Though the setting of going to High School seems predictable, I believe Ryou Nakama has something planned for us to make the journey more interesting. 

AJ De Michel

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