7 Simple Steps For Drawing Interlocking hands

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hello dear junialamen members.

People all over the world are going through some tough times, and it feels like our planet could use some more love.
how can we remind everyone that we are all from one family, one human race and a single nation on the earth?

The most appropriate sign for working together might be the interlocking hands, sign of love and union. Also well-known for being a symbol for “serenity and peace”.

without further delay, let’s get to work by presenting a few easy steps you can use to create this amazing piece of art.

Step 1

draw a cube

Step 2

illustration 3

On the upper surface of the cube, draw parallel lines representing the basic building blocks for the fingers. (illustration 2 and 3)

Step 3

illustration 4

The finger joints are drawn with small curved lines, just like a kid drawing easy bread shape in his first drawing class. (illustration 4)

Step 4

illustration 5

The next step is to draw the main part of the fingers with curvilinear lines. as indicated in the illustration 5.

Step 5

Illustration 6

We will now draw the main part of both hands just by using simple curve lines. (illustration 6)

Step 6

Illustration 7

As you can see, you’re starting to have an idea of what the hands will look like.
6. draw the fingers of the other hands. In this case it feels like drawing small inclined “3” in reverse. (illustration 7)

Step 7

Finalize your drawing by adding shadows.

Interlocking hands step by step drawing

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thank you!

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