How to draw realistic foot

Hi everybody! And welcome to another tuto. Hope you guys are doing great. Today we will try to draw 3D foot by following those easy steps.

Drawing realistic feet in 8 steps

1) for this part use a pencil or a draft layer if you are working with a software. Let us start by drawing 2 ovals
2)Draw curve for limitation of the toes root and let us separate the toes by drawing small lines knowing that the space between them is reducing as you are moving out the medial line

3) We draw another curve line for nails delimitation.

4)Draw small sphere on top of the ovals as to represent the inferior part of the legs.

5) connect the speres with the oval for drawing the heels as shown in the illustration.

For the next part it get easier as you just have to retrace your drawing with pen or ink or your final layer to reveal the final shape of your foot.

I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial.

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Many thanks!