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How to draw in 2-point perspective

Welcome to another tutorial from the Junialamen team. 

Today we will demonstrate the method for drawing in 2-point perspective. One way this method differs from drawing in 1-point perspective is the fact that you will be dealing with 2 vanishing points.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the tutorial for drawing in 1-point perspective is located Here

In this present tutorial the perspective and horizon lines will be drawn in red ink for demonstration. We will be using a drawing from our upcoming comic book “Flowers Powers” as a model.  Click here for more details

Step 1

The horizon line and vanishing point

As usual we will start by drawing the horizon line across the page and select 2 vanishing points. Basically, we will recreate the feeling of depth we get when we stand at the intersection of a street and look down both ends. The points where our vision stops on the horizon constitute the vanishing points. 

Step 2

The guiding lines

The guiding line are those parallel lines coming from the top to the bottom of your page. they help in determining the edges of the elements you intend to draw. In this case they will be the main edges of the buildings (drawn in orange for demonstration.) 

Step 3

The perspective lines

This is where you add the perspective lines (also called vanishing lines) They will help you in drawing the buildings with more accuracy. 

Step 4


In the last step you add the extra details you want to see in your drawing and clean up by erasing the extra perspective lines.  

I hope you had as much fun following this tutorial as we had in bringing it to you. Follow us on IG and FB for more. next time