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4 steps for drawing a room in 1 point perspective from a bird’s eye view

Welcome to another tutorial for drawing in 1 point perspective.
Today we will focus on drawing a room from a bird eye’s view ( meaning from the top )
One way this method differs from the one outlined in the first tutorial about How to draw in 1 point perspective ( click on the link to be redirected ), is in the lack of a horizon line.

Grab your favorite drawing materials and let’s get started.

Step 1 : Vanishing Point

We will start by choosing a vanishing point. In order to make this as simple as possible I suggest selecting the area where
the diagonal lines from the opposite sides of the sheet of paper meet. They will also serve as perspective lines, as well as determining the boundaries of the room.

Step 2 : The Floor

Select the shape of the floor, I will be using a rectangle in this case.
make sure the vanishing point falls right at the center of the rectangle and have the corners of the floor fall on the perspective lines as demonstrated above.

Step 3 : The Setting

From this point forward, all objects will be drawn following the vanishing point as a reference, and by also using
perspective lines.

Imagine how you want to design your room and draw perspective lines to determine where you want to put the different objects therein
( doors, bookshelf, table, chair etc..)
Remember while drawing the furniture and other items to draw first the top and the base, then fill up the rest of the details.
A tip to find the ‘base’ for the furniture is to use the point where the diagonal lines of the floor intersect as a guide.

Note that the top part of the furniture will not be drawn in perspective, they will remain in 2 dimensions like the floor we drew earlier.

Step 4 : The Details

This is where you add the small details that bring life to your drawing. Clean up the extra perspective lines. Make any changes you find necessary.

Once you’re satisfied with the result then your job is done.

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