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2 Point Perspective | 4 Easy Steps For Drawing Characters

How to draw characters in 2 point perspective

Hello and welcome to another tutorial on perspective drawing. Today we will demonstrate the best method for drawing characters in 2 point perspective. One way this method differs from drawing in 1 point perspective is the fact that you will be dealing with 2 vanishing points instead of 1. Before we start, I’d like to invite you to take a look at the basics of 1 point perspective first, if you are just beginning to learn perspective drawing. Otherwise, if you feel confident let’s get to it!

This tutorial will focus on helping you achieve this process as simply as possible. 
You’ll also find a pic collage of the 4 steps located towards the bottom of the page. Feel free to use it as a quick reference next time you’re drawing. So grab your favorite drawing materials to begin!

If you don’t like to do a lot of reading, feel free to watch the 1 minute video tutorial below on drawing characters in 2 point perspective. It’s short and straight to the point. Of course, the steps shown in the video will be explained in greater detail in the article below it.

For this episode I used a mechanical pencil size 0.7 for the sketching. I like the ‘Sakura 127‘ I was able to get from amazon The inking was done using Micron pens of different sizes. They are also available on Amazon and can be found at major art supply stores. A good eraser and a ruler will also be useful. Of course, there are no limitations to what medium you can use, so grab your favorite drawing materials and let’s get started.

Step 1

Step 1 in drawing characters in 2 point perspective. Drawing the horizon line and perspective lines

Start by drawing the horizon line, It determines the viewer’s eye level when looking at the scene. next, you’ll want to select 2 vanishing points. A vanishing point is the space on the horizon line where distant lines seem to meet. They can be anywhere. for this example you’ll want them to be closer to the extremities of the horizon line, as shown above.

Draw 2 perspective lines from each vanishing point. We draw perspective lines to keep the proportions adequate. Perspective lines start at the vanishing points and extend in any direction you decide, they will determine the shape and size of objects as you draw them. For objects taller than the horizon, you may draw perspective lines above it to accommodate for their size. for this exercise the perspective lines should meet at the space where you want the head and feet of the character closest to the viewer to be drawn.

Step 2

step 2 of drawing characters in 2 point perspective. Starting the sketch

Draw 2 more perspective lines from vanishing point I and II meeting about halfway between the lines drawn previously. They will represent the middle area ( or waist area ) of the characters your intend to draw. Continue with sketching the first character, which should be the one closest to the viewer.

Step 3

Step 3 of drawing characters in 2 point perspective. finishing the sketch

Sketch the remaining characters using the perspective lines as a guide. When characters are of equal height, the perspective lines will cross them at similar levels; top, middle or waist and ground, as demonstrated above.

Step 4

final step: A group of characters drawn in 2 point perspective.

In this final step, once you feel confident about your sketching, ink your drawing, erase the guiding lines and add some shadows. And just like that your work is completed!

Feel free to use the image below for an accessible reference on the steps we just covered.

I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial. check out the perspective category for more. And remember, everyone can draw, but it takes perseverance and patience to improve. Check out our Facebook Page for more, also find 1 minute video tutorials on perspective drawing available on our Youtube channel.

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