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How to create character using 3d model

Hello dear Friends!

Welcome to another tutorial using clip studio. This time we will learn all the basics and acquire useful technics that will help you improve your drawing skill and master the clip studio software.

Let us just follow these simple steps

1) Open clip studio.

2) Open a new page either for illustration or your manga project.

3) Go to: window-Material
Here you can choose:
a) body type, 3D model or pose if you want to start from scratch or
b) You can select the pre-prepared characters that are already available on Clip studio paint.)

4) Drag your selected model to your paper work.

5) Use the tools on top your models to move either your camera angle (A) or the model itself (B).

(See illustration below for explanation of those nominations)

6) The tools under your models are shortcut that allow you to:
a) Ground your model to floor surface [(C) a useful tool to avoid floating appearances].
b) Tools that allow you to fix a joint or release it (D), this feature is really important, I will explain the why in the following lines.
c) Feel free to pick up any body types according to your need (E).

7) If you click on the model some blue dots (F)appear , that will allow you to move the correspondence part of the body, as you are using a string puppet (if you move the arm on a specific direction the other parts of the body follow).

8) For more specific movement of the joint double click in the desired one, and you can move it on a 3D space as you wish (G). sometime the moved joint is follow by a chain of other joints movements (string puppet ), to avoid this, if it is not required please activate the joint fixed tool (D).

9) Use the setting (H) for more options:
a) For specific light and shadow position
b) For crazy perspective
c) Lot of outline thickness for your needs and all that jazz.

Drawing is just about having fun please use those tips, and discover a lot more.

Best wishes.
Siril Yves Junior,