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4 simple steps for drawing an interesting character

Today’s tutorial will be focused on character creation. For the following steps we assume you already have a basic knowledge of drawing since we will not focus on showing the steps to draw body proportions. That will be left for another tutorial.

First thing to consider when wanting to create an interesting character is knowing what kind of character you want and what kind of situations they will have to deal with. Figure out their quirks and demeanor before giving them a look. It’s a step by step process where you don’t have to limit your imagination.

So get your drawing material and let’s jump right into it.

Step 1: Proportions

Your first action will be to lay the foundation for your character’s body proportions, which are important and should be consistent. A good habit is to draw lines of reference so you can measure them easily. Draw 9 parallel lines at equal distance from each other. Next you want to draw the ‘skeleton’ as I like to call it. It’s really just a basic outline of the character with a focus on posture and size. A tutorial on body proportions will be available soon, meanwhile you may use this template as a guide.

Step 2: Sketching

Sketch your character. For today’s tutorial I decided I wanted to make a mysterious male character that fights for peace through boxing. He has a rough appearance but a kind heart. With that idea in mind, I sketched the general appearance of how I imagined he would look, paying close attention to build on the previously laid foundation. This is where you get to experiment with adding or removing artifacts or items the character will be using. I opted for sunglasses to give a shadowy and cold blooded feel. Also added a leather coat and the boxing gloves that he carries everywhere.

Step 3: Inking

Once you feel satisfied with your character, you’ll want to smooth it out. If you’re using a pencil, like I did, you can ink it out by tracing over your drawing with your favorite pen. This process can also be done digitally with the use of layers. This is also where you will correct any mistakes and finalize the overall look of your character.

Step 4: Shadowing and Coloring

This is where you complete your character by adding color and shadowing as needed. This process was done digitally but you may use any medium you feel comfortable with.

This was it for today. Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to share your characters on our Facebook page and leave us a comment. Until next time!

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