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6 easy steps for drawing a hand holding a phone

Hello dear friends

Welcome to another Junialamen Tutorial. This time we will work together on how to draw a hand holding a phone.  Sometime it’s a real challenge when we have to draw hands holding stuff. Fortunately, our mission in the Junialamen team is to find the obstacles that challenge you in creating your comic, manga or art project and make it effortless by presenting solutions in simple, easy to follow steps.

Let’s get started

1) Let’s start by drawing the phone, you draw a parallelogram and you give it some thickness by drawing the line above it as if you were duplicating the figure.

2) As the Barney hand or your teddy bear hands you will draw 3 circles or sphere lying down on the phone. They represent respectively, the thumb, the palm and the 4 other finger grouped together.

3) Draw a stable arm as in the example shown.

4) Let’s continue with delimitating the fingers, by drawing a sign like 2 perpendicular lines ”┌” , knowing that these lines gets longer when you are approaching the pinky direction.

5) Remove the lines that are no longer needed and start putting details such as nails and finger lines.

6) Add shadows and color .

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Many thanks