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Drawing Kyojuro Rengoku | Manga & Anime Character Drawing Exercise

When creating manga, a major aspect of the process is to get better at creating and drawing characters. One way to improve in that regard is by finding inspiration from major characters of popular anime and manga series. By dedicating yourself to relentlessly practice your drawing skills in that perspective, you’re guaranteed to see positive results quickly.

Today, the subject of our manga character drawing exercise is Kyojuro Rengoku. He’s an important character from the acclaimed manga and anime series: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. For this exercise, I started working with pencil and ink, afterwards, I scanned the draft to work digitally with Clip Studio Paint because it makes the process easier. I’m also able to make more corrections. Subsequently, I completed the drawing using a Wacom tablet and pen.

The process of drawing a character from reference involves finding an appropriate image and using it as a guide. The image I used as inspiration for my drawing can be found on this page. The following steps will help you in structuring your drawing, from laying the foundation for kyojuro Rengoku’s body proportions to the inking and shadowing stages.

When creating manga, a major aspect of the process is to get better at creating and drawing characters.

Step 1

The Proportions

7 head size character

kyojuro Rengoku’s height is about 7 times his head size, therefore I drew a shape for the head and set the stage for his body to fit in, using the head size as a guide.

Step 2

The Skeleton

I like to call this step the skeleton. It involves literally that, building a rough skeleton that will work as a base for the character. In other words; It’s really just a basic outline of the character, with a focus on posture and size. therefore, It should be drawn with the final result in mind.

Step 3

The Sketch

Being satisfied with the way the skeleton looked, I used that foundation to build more elements into the drawing. In this section I drew a rough representation of kyojuro Rengoku, sketching the major features.

Step 4

The Ink Outline

Firstly, I inked the sketch, erasing the guiding lines and skeleton in the process. Secondly, I scanned the last image on the computer to continue working on it digitally, which brings us to the following step.

Step 5

The finessing

Improving the face, by correcting the eyes, and adding the facial and hair features that make this character unique.

This step is very crucial. It involves different stages of correcting and adding elements to make the drawing complete.

I created a new layer and used the G pen tool to start fixing the face and hair, correcting the eyes, nose and mouth shapes and adding the hair features that are specific to kyojuro Rengoku. Moreover, I also corrected the hands shapes to make them look more realistic and aesthetically pleasing. After that, I added some shadows and contrasts to the hair using the watercolor tool.

Adding shadows to the face and hands
Using the watercolor tool to create shadows and add contrast

On a new layer, I brought some corrections to the sword. I also used the watercolor tool to add shadows and to darken the clothes, playing with the lighter areas to create some elements of contrast.

Final Result

kyojuro rengoku

The final step was spent more on removing blemishes, playing with the light and fixing the appearance of kyojuro Rengoku’s clothes. I decided to stop there and deemed my work complete.

When drawing, there are usually a lot of ways to improve. I could have added some floor shadows to make kyojuro Rengoku grounded. I could have also added some flames around him to highlight his skills and ability. I was more interested in putting the focus on the major elements of the character and I did just that.

I really hope this demo was helpful in inspiring you, check our website or more! Thanks for reading!

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