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JUNIALAMEN | Distinctive Art That Tells A Story

Our story began with AJ De Michel and Jini Odai, a pair of artists who embarked on a journey over a decade ago, to improve their art by creating progressively difficult drawings. The two would show each other their work and give each other feedback on how to improve their drawings and encourage each other to work harder and become even better at their manga or traditional art.

As their drawing skills drastically improved in a short period, it dawned on them that they could help others get better at art just like they did.

What started as a challenge between two friends to help each other polish their artistry soon evolved into something bigger. It became a shared dream of creating a community for emerging manga artists from across the globe where they can learn together, give each other constructive feedback and get better at doing what they love without the fear of judgment. 

From this vision, JUNIALAMEN was conceived, and since its establishment, we have created free online drawing tutorials, easy drawing techniques and published several comic books online.

Meet Our Team

AJ De Michel

Content Creator and Web Developer, JUNIALAMEN

The Hispañola native believes that art is the ultimate form of human expression, and he is passionate about connecting people from all walks of life through different media including music, visual arts, and game development.

Odai Jini お大 事に


Hailing from the Caribbean Pearl of the Antilles, Haiti, Odai Jini お大 事に is a professional artist who draws from seeking the beauty in all things and expressing it through his art. 

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