4 points perspective and cool characters

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Today it’s another special tutorial about 4 points perspective, A big thanks for all of you who keep on supporting our products, our Google app, and our books on Amazon. If you didn’t get one of our book please feel free to check our special title on amazon (My mother my rose, Caribbean monsters, flowers power and the treasures of Sendai).

Now let’s get started with our tuto.

Software : clip studio

Brush  :    G pen

1th step

Draw your 1th line for your 4 points perspectives by turning the grid view on.

2nd Step

Create your 4 points perspective grid and Finalize your lines, if you split each line into equal segment you will probably get something like this.

3rd Step

Once you finish with the geometry part, the fun start. Choose a light color and start drawing your sketch in a different layer. The tip here, is to visualize your drawing stretching in the middle  (like a diamond shape) following the line of the grid that you draw previously in the 2nd step.


Once you finish your sketch you can start the inking process by turning on and off the grids ‘layer to check your progression and result.

5th Step

Finalize your drawing and add background.

4 points perspective and cool characters

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