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1 point perspective | 4 simple steps to get started

Basics of 1 point perspective

Hello and welcome to another round of tutorials from the Junialamen Team.

Today our focus will be on learning the basics of perspective drawing.

Have you ever looked ahead while standing in the middle of the street and noticed how objects in the distance appear smaller compared to those closest to you? What you saw was the street in 1 point perspective, meaning you are getting the view directly from the front.

When drawing in perspective, we bring the world we see in 3D to reflect on a flat surface in 2D.

This tutorial is aimed at those who are just starting with 1 point perspective drawing as it focuses on simple shapes.

Before we start !

If you don’t like to do a lot of reading, feel free to watch the 1 minute video tutorial below on drawing in 1 point perspective. It’s short and straight to the point. Of course, the steps shown in the video will be explained in greater detail in the article below it. So grab your favorite drawing materials and let’s get started.

Step 1

Horizon Line and Vanishing Point

Your first step will be to draw a horizon line. It determines the viewer’s eye level when looking at the scene

Vanishing Point

The vanishing point is the space on the horizon line where distant lines seem to meet.

You may choose any location on the line

Step 2

Add content

Let’s use simple figures like cubes. Start first by drawing a square or rectangle on any side of the horizon line, paying close attention to draw the right proportions.

Step 3

Perspective lines

We draw perspective lines to keep the proportions adequate. Draw lines starting from the corners of the square and connecting to the vanishing point.

Choose any location on the perspective lines where you want your figure to end. Draw the other corners of your figure as demonstrated in the example below.

To get more comfortable, try drawing multiple figures on the same page, paying close attention to have all the perspective lines starting from the same vanishing point.

Step 4


In the last step you erase the unnecessary perspective lines.

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